Grant Property is a leading property investment and management company with over 20 years of strong performance in the UK's property market.

With headquarters in Edinburgh and specialists operating from local offices across the UK, we excel in building secure, valuable, high-yielding portfolios.


Our Unique Services

We are a successful, trusted UK company, leading the market with our property investment and management services.

Our award-winning services bring together all stages of property investment and management into a complete solution for national and international investors.

Our specialists carefully source property in high-yield prime locations across the UK, facilitate cost-effective renovation and provide comprehensive property management focussed on strengthening the value of the property over time.

Whether single-property investments or building high-performing portfolios, we shape our products to achieve clients financial interests and goals.


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We work closely with clients to achieve their financial interests and goals. Whether you are new to property or an experienced investor, our team of experts provide insight and guidance for your situation. Contact us today.

Client Testimonials

You are knowledgeable, you listened carefully to what I wanted and tailored your service accordingly. Since then, I have gone on to buy over a dozen properties through Grant Property and have relied heavily on Charlotte Cowe in that process. You have always been a pleasure to deal with and Grant Property will have acquired many clients over the years thanks to you. Many congratulations on everything you have achieved.
Michael Canby, Investor since 2008
Grant Property is a great way for busy professionals to invest in property. They have trustworthy and friendly staff who make recommendations for purchases which make sense. They handle everything for you, so you never even have to visit the property, although you can if you want to. They make it smooth and easy, I have the comfortable feeling that they are looking after my property investment and getting me the best tenants. I am Impressed with their knowledge, friendliness and efficiency.
Prof Chris Lavy, Oxford

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Edinburgh House Price Up 7.1%

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We enable investors from all over the world to generate financial wealth in the UK property market, providing complete investment services for clients across 30 countries investing in over 2,000 properties. Our investment and management specialists work across continents and timezones, delivering our trusted and successful services to clients wherever they are based.

Our Specialists

Our 80 plus team are leading specialists in property investment and management, with a combined experience of 300 years in this sector. Working at local levels across the UK, they deliver our award-winning services with expertise and passion.

Peter Grant
Founder & Chairman
Colette Grant
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