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Our market-leading property management services cover all aspects of letting and maintaining your property.

With our HMO and Compliance experts working at local levels across the UK, we ensure the highest standards of health and safety for your property and deliver consistent occupancy rates of over 95%.

We are fully accredited by national and local agencies including ARLA, NFOPP, Safe Deposit Scotland & The Property Ombudsman Scheme.

We also offer our excellent Asset Improvement Service, dedicated to analysing and enhancing each property’s performance, value and income.


With 20 years of successful experience in the property market, we are trusted by landlords all over the world to deliver our specialist and comprehensive management services in the UK property market.

At every stage, we focus on safeguarding and strengthening the value of your property while maximising your rental income.


  • Award-winning team
  • 20 Years of Expertise
  • Established and trusted by landlords
  • Specialists working locally across the UK
  • Complete start-to end property management

  • Market-leading standards of Health and Safety
  • Consistent occupancy rates of 95%+
  • Asset Improvement Services
  • Members of ARLA, NFOPP, Property Ombudsman Scheme, Safe Deposits Scotland


We offer complete property management services that deliver the best value for our landlords

With specialists providing expertise and excellence across the UK, we ensure that landlords and tenants are fully supported.

Whether you would like one particular product or our complete management services, we work closely with landlords to achieve their goals.

We will guide you through all aspects of property management and oversee every detail.

HMO is short for HOUSES IN MULTIPLE OCCUPATION and in a nutshell means safety for your tenants and peace of mind for you. We are registered with local and national authorities to ensure the highest standards for every tenancy.

Whether you need one part of our services or our complete management services, we can advise what is best for your property needs.

We design the marketing strategy best suited for your property. Our digital expertise means we can advertise your property on reputable, high-traffic sites to secure reliable tenants.

Our team leads the industry for standards and procedures, ensuring that all our properties meet the appropriate regulations.

We operate a fully transparent fee structure with no hidden extras.

Please contact us to find out more about our fees and how they apply to your situation.

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By providing modern, attractive furniture and soft furnishings, we are highly experienced in creating comfortable homes for tenants while maximising your rental income.

Whether you need interior decoration, furniture or require a complete renovation, we work with you to select the right style, co-ordinate delivery and oversee regular maintenance of your property within your budget.

We offer two styles of interior furnishings.





This level of furnishing and decoration achieves a full, modern, high quality specification for properties to attract strong tenancy.





Aspen is our enhanced level of furnishing and decoration and offers more opportunities to add value throughout the property. By providing customised features and fittings, this level of interior creates a very stylish property and increases the property value and rental income. Options include bespoke paint selection for rooms, complete tiled bathrooms, upgraded kitchen, built in appliances, recessed lighting in hall areas and a glass shower screen.


Asset improvement service

The Asset Improvement Service delivers the highest level of property management, focussed on increasing the capital value and monthly yield of your property. Your personal Account Manager will analyse your property’s ongoing performance and implement strategies to enhance the value of your investment.







Clients can use our complete property management services from anywhere in the world. With our experts and partners working globally, we deliver our successful, comprehensive property management services to landlords across 30 countries.


Client Testimonials

I was introduced to Grant Property through friends, at the time we worked offshore so we also wanted to leave the management of the property in the hands of a company that we could trust. From the beginning we have been delighted with the services and support from Grant Property, It has been superb. From the purchase to the renovation, furnishing stages, Grant Property have made our life easy. Everything was taken care of for us and we were kept informed throughout the whole process. We have had no hesitation in recommending Grant Property to others
Louise Beatie, Investor since 2004
When RBS introduced us to Peter Grant and Charlotte Cowe in 2008 it opened our eyes to an excellent opportunity for investing in property particularly in a University City. This was to be the start of what is a very successful relationship with Grant Property. It is particularly important to us to have confidence in a property management company who deliver on their promises – Grant Property our own expectations and we are confident this is the start of a lasting relationship with what is clearly a leading company in the property investment market.
David & Christine Kerr

Our Property Managers

Our experts have been managing property for over 20 years. They are passionate about providing the best service for our landlords and work one-on-one with our clients to achieve this.

With Grant Property since 2015
Chris Gray
New Business Manager
With Grant Property since 2006
Nadine Robb
Interiors & Asset Improvement Manager